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Muzzle Fungus Stopped My Horse Training

Posted On 2009-11-18 , 9:01 AM

Horse TrainingMy horse came in from the pasture one day with her muzzle bright pink. I remember noticing it and thinking it was not real sunny out for her to get a sunburn but it sure looked as though it was burned. A few days later it was broken out slightly in small sores. I could tell it was tender because she did not want me to touch it. I started putting some ointment on it but it continued to get worse. A few days later it was coated with a brownish red scab. The scab was all over her muzzle, under her lower lip, in her nostrils and solid coating of this brownish red scab. Poor thing, she did not want to even put a halter on because she did not want the halter strap to touch it. She would dive into the halter nose to try to get past her muzzle with touching it. The scab started to crack and almost bleed at the bottom of the cracks. I called the vet to see if there had been a reaction to a plant that was blooming and if she had been having this problem. She told me that it sounded like a fungus that is caused by a lot of dew on the morning grass. I thought that was quite strange and somewhat did not believe it. But when my yearling’s nose started to break out with small sores, I agreed it must be a fungus. She informed me that they treat it with the same ointment that they make up to treat “scratches”, another fungus that is found mostly on the legs. I picked up some of this ointment and when I put the first swipe on her nose she showed signs of instant relief. She lowered her head and acted like she wanted me to apply more. My yearling did not get it as bad because I started applying the same ointment right away. Everyone I talk to has not heard of this so I just wanted to put it out there. If you see a horse with this condition now you will know and possibly get it some relief. If not treated I’m not sure what it would do. To leave a comment click here.


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Muzzle Fungus Stopped My Horse Training


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