Horse Saddle Tree Fitting

The Correct Saddle Fit For You and Your Horse

We are the only company that offers to send out the saddle tree for fitting to insure a good fit for your horse or mule.. We DO NOT like coat hanger or template measurements, as they are inaccurate and unreliable. Coat hanger or template measurement just measure ¼” of your equine's entire back. You cannot see gullet width fit, bar fit from front to back or if the saddle will sit on his spine. Coat hanger or templatemeasurements are a guess at best. We do not want to build a saddle that will not fit your equine correctly. Also read "All About Our Saddles" for more saddle details.

Saddle Tree Fitting Program

To insure a good fitting saddle BEFORE the saddle is built, we offer to send out the tree we feel would be the best fit for your horse. To do this, we ask for a $150 deposit on the tree. When the tree is returned to us, we credit your account with the $125 deposit towards your saddle purchase, the other $25 will cover shipping/insurance. If you do not purchase from us, the $125 will be returned to you. If necessary to send two trees, it would be a $280 tree deposit of which $30 is for shipping/insurance.
We cannot allow returns on custom-made saddles, so it is important to find the correct tree fit. We do send you instructions on how to fit the tree. We ask for digital photos (three) if possible. With proper placement, and photos, we can determine if the tree is a good fit.

Three Saddle Tree Photos Would Show Us:

  • Distance from underside of tree gullet to top of the equine’s withers
  • How the bars fit the sides, for instance: do they poke your horse’s ribs, flair out, or lay flat?
  • Can you see daylight from the back of the tree through to the front? (We want to bridge the equine’s spine to keep the weight off the spine).

We Build Our Western Saddles Using A Variety of Trees: Variety of Saddle Trees

  • Polymer Tree
  • Wood Tree Option for Covering
  • Fiberglass Wrapped
  • Bull Hide Wrapped (Rawhide)
  • Flex Tree
  • ProTech
The saddle cost will be quoted individual as final build cost depends on the style and seat size, which will reflect the final price.

This is just a small sample of our wide assortment of trees that are available for saddle fitting. We have many tree types, sizes and models to fit your horse or mule. We can build up to a 22" seat and as small as a 13" seat in most models. Sugar River Saddlery carries saddle trees in Mule, Gaited, Draft, Wade, Western Pleasure, Barrel, A-Fork/Slick Fork, Youth, Show, Endurance, Cutting, Reining, Roping, Half Seat, Frisian, Therapeutic and Close Contact saddles. Sugar River Saddlery is a complete tack shop, supplying all Western equestrian horse tack.

Solid Oak Tree with bronze horn - One of a kind - available in semi-quarter, full quarter or mule bars. Your saddle design can be built on this tree - saddle designed to show maximum wood exposure on your saddle.

Close-up of solid oak tree above.

Saddle Tree Guarantee's

  • Polymer Tree - 5 year guarantee
  • Wood Tree wrapped in Fiberglass - 5 year guarantee
  • Wood Tree - Bullhide covered - 5 year guarantee
  • ProTech - 5 year guarantee
  • Flex Tree - 10 year guarantee.

Our 100% Flexible Saddle Tree

We carry a 100% flexible tree that conforms to your horse's back. Our tree is manufactured using an engineering grade material that was chosen after extensive trial and testing of a variety of materials. This tree is a molded one-piece design. This tree has no springs, wood, bull-hide or fiberglass to break, stretch, or crack. Our tree provides the correct fit while the flexibility allows movement away from pressure points giving a comfortable saddle to both horse and rider. This tree is the absolute best shock absorber available is guaranteed for 10 years. This exceeds all current tree warranties for any tree on the market today! With this tree, your saddle conforms to the horse's back. Tree is not affected by cold, heat or moisture.

Flex Tree available in Full Quarter Horse Bars, Gullet Width 6-1/2” and also extra wide gullet at 7". Flex Trees can be added to most of our saddles in seat sizes 15” – 17” on Western Pleasure, Barrel and Endurance. Flex Roping Tree available in seat sizes 15” & 16”. Gaited flex available in seat sizes 16" - 17" - Wide only. (Not available on Mule or Draft Saddles).

Be sure to read our article "Proper Saddling" to make sure your saddle is placed on your horse correctly.

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