Specialized Western Saddle Makers, With Bare Tree Fitting

Tack Shop with Unique Fitting Method

Our specialized western saddles are made with the finest  American made materials and workmanship by saddle makers with 36 years of custom western tack manufacturing experience. Sugar River Western Saddles and Horse Tack craft saddles and tack to fit you and your horse or mule with our unique saddle fitting process. We offer quality and affordable products you can count on. In addition, our professional and knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions you may have about our company policies or our products. With Sugar River Saddlery and Tack you will get personal service to insure you get the look and fit you’re after.

Proper Saddle Fit Starts With Proper Tree Fitting

To ensure that you are purchasing a saddle that fits your horse or mule, we ship the tree for the best saddle fit possible, before we begin making your custom saddle. We highly recommend our saddle tree fitting. When you can fit the bare tree to your horse you will know it fits. We take out all the guess work. You won't find any other saddle manufacturer that provides this service. Be sure to read "Saddle Tree Fitting" for more details about fit and saddle choices. Also this article for "Proper Saddling".

Specialized Material and Manufacturing

All our saddles are custom and hand-made in the United States. Our leather is American grown cowhide of the highest quality we can find. The leather we use is strong, heavy and flexible. We offer a premium grade leather option, which is impregnated with oils and comes like its already broke-in. Our saddle trees come in the widest varieties of sizes for both horse and rider you will find. We specialize in the hard to fit western horse. You will not see any two of our custom saddles exactly alike, as each is an original crafted by our saddle makers.

Whatever Your Style, Whatever Your Horse, Whatever the Person

Saddle styles available are: Mule, Gaited, Draft, Wade, Western Pleasure, Barrel, A-Fork/Slick Fork, Youth, Show, Endurance, Cutting, Reining, Roping, Half Seat, Frisian, Therapeutic and Close Contact saddle. Our seat sizes range from 13 inch to 22-inch seats. We have all tree sizes in stock and are ready for shipping to get you the best fit with our unique bare saddle tree fitting.

Trees With A Great Guarantee

Polymer, Fiberglass Covered Wood and Bull hide Covered Wood Trees are guaranteed 5 years. 100% Flex Trees are guaranteed 10 years.

Felt Is A Great Feature

Advantages of FELT: specialized western saddles with 3/8" felt
  • · Is 3/8” thick–much thicker than the synthetic
  • · Will not bubble as the fleece sometimes may
  • · Fills in gaps between equine's back and saddle
  • · Wicks moisture away from the equine’s back
  • · The felt is more durable
  • · Adds body and fullness to the skirts
When you measure the thickness of the felt at the edge of the skirts, it may measure less than 3/8” as the machine stitching compresses the thickness of the felt at the edges. The grade of felt is the best available.
This is a very nice upgrade to our saddles with no additional costs to our customer.

Mid-Range Fleece

Also available is the upgrade to mid-range fleece (looks and feels like real fleece).

Genuine Sheep's Fleece

Also available is the genuine sheep's fleece with the leather backing.

Cordura Western Saddles

Our Cordura Saddles will continue to have synthetic fleece. These skirts cannot be lined with felt, as the felt material is too thick to run through our binding machines.

A Wide Range of Seat Sizes

Our standard seat sizes range from 13" to 17". Select models available 18" to 22" seat. We use suede or slick leather in a variety of colors.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Sugar River Saddlery representative regarding our products, please contact us.

Sugar River Saddlery Has A Tree for Every Horse

At Sugar River Saddlery and Tack we take pride in getting the best fit possible for your horse. Our saddle fitting process is very unique and insures you get the best fit possible. We have in stock more selection of saddle trees than any other saddlery. We fit ponies to Frisians and drafts, barrel racing to therapeutic, a rarely matched horse saddle selection.  With our process you will know for sure that you have the right fit because you'll be able to see it for yourself. You'll get a better fit than if you were able to try it out for a month. Few of us will ride hard enough and long enough to determine if we really have the best fit possible. I rode in a saddle for some time before I went on a four day camping trip with a bunch of Tennessee Walkers and had to do a posting trot for four days. On day three I started noticing sore spots on my mare. The fit wasn't that bad but it certainly was not the best. With Sugar River Saddlery and Tack you'll get the best quality, workmanship and most of all, fit.